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Solve the web


Spider web Puzzle is an addictive brain-training game. The aim is to connect all dots of the puzzle without repeating the steps and without lifting your finger from the screen. Help spiders to weave their web without passing twice through the same line!- Addictive and fun game- More than 40 puzzles to solve- Incremental Difficulty in each screen- Exercise your brain and try different game combinations.
You will find three worlds inside the game, each one with 16 different designs to solve.As the challenges go on, you will find multiple puzzles with different levels of difficulty.
Test your mind to solve each problem and trace the drawing without turning back.
Fight against time to improve your score. The less time you need to connect all the dots, the more stars you will get.
If the line is red, you have to go through it twice. The difficulty is compounded as you pass game levels.